A chance to explore one of Italy’s most fascinating areas with its artistic gems, unmistakeable flavours, magnificent scenery and warm embrace.

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Do you dream of a holiday that offers numerous attractions in the space of just a few nautical miles, with stunning scenery and an enchanting seascape?

Then why not charter our catamaran and let an expert skipper guide you as you explore the attractions of Ischia and the Gulf of Naples?

This is a place where untamed nature coexists with city life, good food and art of all kinds at the slowed, relaxed pace typical of small island life.

Everything you are looking for is at your fingertips with the unique hospitality and style of our vessel: comfort, culture, bathing in beautiful waters and Mediterranean sunshine are a dream that can come true.

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The scenarios not to be missed


Ischia is one of the best-loved islands of the Gulf of Naples. Its hot spring water emerging from the sea guarantees relaxation while the historic fishing village of Sant’Angelo is the perfect landing place for high-class tourism and the Aragonese Castle offers incredible views including Citara beach.


The island of Procida (Italy’s Capital of Culture 2022), with its ancient villas and brightly-coloured houses, is home to art, history and a quaint atmosphere, making it a hub for creatives, surrounded by Mediterranean scenery and inviting coves.


Naples is a world in one city, alive with sounds, colours and flavours just waiting to be discovered. Thanks to the incredible Piazza del Plebiscito, art museums, seafront, Roman ruins and amazing underground spaces, boredom is not an option here.


An outlook encapsulating the entire Naples area, from Ischia to Sorrento with Vesuvius in the background: the view from the terraces of the town Vico Equense, during a candle-lit dinner, has few rivals in the world and is sure to take your breath away.


For an eye-opening tour of Ischia and the Gulf of Naples

When to go

The best season is spring, but late summer and early autumn also offer wonderful weather and sea bathing.

How many days to stay

A week is enough time to visit the Gulf’s most interesting locations, discover their secrets and fully enjoy offshore life as well.

The perfect itinerary

Ischia is a magical island, and other unmissable gems are its neighbour, Procida, the beauty and folklore of Naples, and the coastal towns of Vico Equense and Sorrento.


This is a tour with countless attractions ranging from stunning scenery and breathtaking views to local delicacies, craftsmanship, art and historic buildings.

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Why choose Ischia and the Gulf of Naples?

This is one of Italy’s most interesting areas for history and nature, blending art, culture, spectacular seascape and unique scenery, including the volcano Vesuvius.

Boredom is not an option here with so many activities on offer and settings whose variety knows few equals. Indeed, Naples city centre combines history, contemporary life and mouth-watering food and wine tours, while the islands of Procida and Ischia are perfect for scenic walks but also for savouring life at a slower pace while savouring the sun and crystal-clear water.

A fascinating setting for exploring as well as for relaxing and enjoying spectacularly beautiful sunsets with views of the Gulf from the sea itself.


Choosing between pizza at Sorbillo’s in Naples, freshly-fished delicacies in Procida and lemons from Sorrento is impossible, so why not try them all!


A drink at sunset in one of Ischia’s many bars, or a night of fun and music Naples-style.

Diving into nature

To swim off the island of Vivara, a satellite islet of Procida, is to immerse yourself in a genuine paradise with enchanting views of Ischia.

Strolling among the beauty spots

Highlights: the La Mortella Gardens in Ischia, the Royal Forest of Capodimonte in Naples, the lemon groves of Sorrento, and the island of Ischia.

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